THE GREEN GATHERING 2017 Thu 3 August 2017 to Mon 7 August 2017


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The Green Gathering is powered by wind, sun and people - a showcase of low impact living with over a hundred bands on outdoor stages and in intimate venues, a huge Kids Area, poetry, performance, dancing, campfires, talks and skillshares in abundance.

Acts include Transglobal Underground, Neck, Kangaroo Moon, Nik Turner's New Space Ritual, John Fairhurst, Stick in the Wheel, One Eyed God, Calico Jack, Hoopy Frood, Firepit Collective, Dohnut, Loonaloop, The Don Bradmans, Indian Man, The Antipoet, Jabba Cartel, The High Breed, Magic Bus, Sika, Salena Godden... and that's just the beginning!

Join us for a long weekend in wooded splendour on the Welsh border, just 18 miles from Bristol. It's uncommercial, off grid, gorgeous.



“An inspiring modern festival with a refreshing old school edge” eFestivals Review 2015

“One of the most interesting festival experiences to be had…” eFestivals Review 2016


GG has a highly regarded ASSISTED ACCESS area and services.

Please buy your ticket and any vehicle passes through Bristol Ticket Shop (this site). If you'd like to apply for a free PA ticket, camping space in the Assisted Access area, on site parking or a delivery pass, please contact between 28 January and 30 June. (In the unlikely event of your application being turned down, tickets will be refundable.)

For more info see the Assisted Access GG website page.

The Green Gathering festival is commissioned by, and raises funds for, The Green Gathering Charity, which promotes education for sustainability via hands-on interactive learning and the arts.

YOUTH (11-15 YEARS): £55.00  
YOUNG ADULT 16-17 YRS: £75.00  
CAR (all cars in hardstanding carpark): £22.00  
CAMPERVAN (see T&Cs): £65.00  
MOTORBIKE: £11.00  
DOG (inc refundable 40 good behaviour deposit): £85.00   Sorry, we're sold out



The Green Gathering has a well-deserved reputation as a relaxed, easy-going festival – but there are a few important rules. Please do read these terms and conditions, so you’re not surprised at a later stage. Purchase of Tickets implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


All vehicles require a vehicle pass and must park in the designated areas; any not doing so may be removed.

Campervan (Standard)

For Live-in Vehicles up to 6m long, which are no wider than 4m (including any awning or small child’s tent).

Other than one small child’s tent, no tents will be permitted in the campervan area due to fire risk and restricted space.

Campervan (Oversize)

For Live-in Vehicles which are longer than 6m and/or wider than 4m (including any awning or small child’s tent).

Other than one small child’s tent, no tents will be permitted in the campervan area due to fire risk and space restrictions.

Caravan or Trailertent + Car

For Caravans or Trailer Tents up to 6m long, which are no wider than 4m (including any awning or small child’s tent). For larger towed caravans/trailers, you must choose an ‘Oversize’ ticket and purchase a separate Car ticket.

‘Car’ refers to any towing vehicle, and this towing vehicle must be removed to the carpark once it has delivered the caravan or trailer


GG security has the right to search anybody / any vehicle as a condition of entry. If you refuse to be searched, GG has the right to evict you from the site and there is a no-return policy on those refusing searches. GG has the right to confiscate banned articles which may be returned after the event at the directors’ discretion.

No Unauthorised Sound Systems are allowed on site.

No Unauthorised Animals are allowed on site.

No Generators (petrol, diesel, biodiesel) are allowed on site.

Illegal drugs are illegal at GG! Illegal drugs are liable to be confiscated, and their owners to be evicted from site or handed over to the local authorities.

No firearms, laser devices, fireworks, nitrous oxide canisters or airborne lanterns are permitted on site.

No unauthorised alcohol sales will be allowed. There will be non-commercial, reasonably-priced bars selling cider, real ale and spirits on site. These bars operate a Challenge 25 policy; people aged 25 and under must be prepared to provide proof of age.

Ticket holders are only to bring alcohol for personal consumption. Allowed amounts are as follows:

Two cases of beer (48 cans – not bottles, we have a fantastic recycling crew but we cannot safely deal with that amount of glass)

One case of wine (6 bottles – we can safely deal with a small amount of glass, provided you are responsible with it)

and One bottle of spirits (we can safely deal with a small amount of glass, provided you are responsible with it)

No unauthorised trading will be allowed on site.

No unauthorised use of recording equipment for professional or profit-making purposes will be allowed.



Attendees must use recycling points provided. Please keep use of disposable plastics to a minimum.

Fires will be allowed only in designated places and according to campsite rules (see camping page of website). Dangerous or irresponsible fires will be put out, and the campers responsible may be evicted.

Charcoal stoves or barbecues must not be used to heat any indoor space. Gas camping appliances may only be used according to safety instructions and in the open air, or in properly fitted campervan/caravan – not in tents.

Please respect the site boundaries. Festival-goers may not enter private property in the vicinity of the site.

The site owners and GG accept no responsibility for personal property; please take care of your own belongings.

If a minor is suspected of committing or planning to commit crime or anti-social behaviour, they and their parent/guardian(s) may be evicted.

Ticket holders consent to filming and sound recording as participants in the event. Films and recordings of the event and its participants may appear publicly and be distributed and published within the public domain.



Dogs are allowed on site so long as they behave but they will need a ticket. The price above includes a good behaviour £40 deposit that will be refunded after the event if the dog has been well-behaved.

Expected behaviour of dog owners:

-keep dog on a lead and under control at all times within the festival site

-pick up dog mess and dispose of it responsibly

-pay attention to needs of dog and festival public

Behaviour which will result in forfeit of deposit:

-owner allowing dog to run or wander loose within festival site (there are woods and fields offsite where dogs can be let loose responsibly)

-owner not picking up and responsibly disposing of dog mess

-owner not looking after dog, resulting in dog stewards having to look after or manage dog

The GG reserves the right of admission.

The GG will not admit any dogs so designated in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Any injury or damage caused by any dog will be at the liability of the owner.

The GG reserves the right to ask for the removal of any ‘Out of Control’ dog from the event site.

Your dog will be deemed ‘Out of Control’ if it:

-injures someone

-makes someone worried that it might injure them

-injures someone’s animal

-makes someone worried that your dog might injure them if they try to stop it attacking their animal


TICKETS, WRISTBANDS & REFUNDS You must be aged 18 on 3 Aug 2017 to buy ticket(s) independently. Children aged under 11 on 3 Aug 2017 will be admitted free, but must have a ticket. It is your responsibility to check that you have the correct tickets.
Wristband checkpoints will be in operation around the site. Please assist by keeping your wristband accessible. Anyone without a wristband, or wearing a wristband that has been tampered with, will be ejected. Lost wristbands cannot be replaced but broken wristbands will be, if presented with proof of purchase at the Production office.

Tickets are for personal use only, and not for any form of commercial activity. Tickets must not be offered for resale, or for advertising, promotion (including contests) or any other trade purposes (except where expressly authorised by GG). Resale of tickets is grounds for seizure or cancellation without refund or other compensation.

Any refunds will be subject to a cancellation fee. Booking fees are non-returnable. No refunds will be available after 6 July 2017. We may enforce these terms in accordance with the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

GG has the right to alter or vary the programme, without notice, due to events or circumstances beyond its control, without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets.

In the unlikely event that GG2017 is cancelled, we will offer at least a partial refund of the ticket price but will not refund the booking fee. GG shall not have liability beyond the purchase value of the ticket. It is the ticket holder’s responsibility to check if the event has been cancelled, and if so, the date and time of any rearranged event. We would make every effort to notify ticket holders of cancellation/re-scheduling, but cannot absolutely guarantee it.

The Green Gathering is a fun, family festival. We reserve rights of admission and the right to remove anyone from site who indulges in anti-social behaviour. Parents/carers or guardians are responsible for their children at all times.

All terms and conditions regarding tickets are governed by law and tickets are sold subject to license.

Thank you for reading these Terms & Conditions and have a wonderful Gathering.


Address: Piercefield Park Chepstow Monmouthshire * Click on the address to launch google maps.