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NOTICE: Unfortunately our website isn't sending out confirmations emails (most likely in protest that we are building a new one). 
In the meantime, you can still log into your account and view all successful orders, including any e-tickets (if you haven't paid for postage) under the 'My Account' tab. If you cannot log in, please email us directly and we will remind you of your user name and give you a temporary password.

Please bear with us - a shiny new BTS website is almost ready - in fact we are selling Pride tickets and all new events through it now -  we'll be adding more events in the coming weeks so have a look and tell us what you think... https://www.bristolticketshop.com/


BRISTOL PRIDE (Available on our brand new website!!)



BRISTOL TICKET SHOP (est. 1988)  is a Primary ticket Agent.  That means we only sell tickets on behalf of promoters at face value and add up to a 10% payment processing transaction fee. (For clarity we include this fee in the price displayed because you've told us you think it's really annoying when the price rises on each page!) The ONLY extra charge you'll encounter on this site is for delivery. If you choose E-tickets. (print at home) It's 50p extra per order for admin.
The price you see is the price you'll pay. 

BRISTOL TICKET SHOP prides itself on a five star service. We have a physical shop in the centre of Bristol and real people to deal with your telephone and email queries. If we make a mistake (or you do) we'll do our best to sort it out in the shortest possible time. We welcome your feedback. If you can think of ways we could improve, We're listening.

If you're a promoter, we'd love to be an agent for you. It's a free service that includes ticket printing. Check out our promoters page.

SEARCHING There are three new additions to the search facilities as we now have full listings by Event, by Date and by Venue. If you can't find it in a search and you know venue, date or event name try the text listings. (faster on slow connections as well)

If you're still reading; Go Browse! It's a lot more interesting than anything we've got to say.

Although....if you do find anything you don't like (some promoters add their own events and descriptions) tell us. We're weirdly human and chances are that ..if you're offended..we will be somewhat miffed. However...Being a kind of democratic organisation, we may then have to have a meeting about it and discuss whether it's funny, patronising or insulting before removing it.