Whether you’re a regular promoter, thinking of entering the world of promoting or just doing a one off, Bristol Ticket Shop is more than happy to help you to sell your tickets. There are options to add and update your own events (if you want to) View collect at box office orders in real time and even use our server to mail your own opted in customers*.
Still in the pipeline we have a package that will let you design and buy tickets for use in other outlets.

*To comply with data protection laws, you will not be able to see the customers data without their permission. 

First thing you have to know is that you are the boss so how you wish to run things is basically down to you. There is no contract and no nasty surprises.

The most commonly asked questions are:

How much does it cost to sell tickets through BTS?
The answer is nothing. It’s free. BTS makes its money from the payment transaction processing fee. The fee is our charge to the customer for arranging the transaction between you and the customer. Post costs are for supplying them with physical tickets. If it helps, think of estate agents. They don’t own the house. They charge for arranging the sale. The standard transaction fee is 10% rounded to the nearest 25p. Once the price rises over £40 this is reduced still further.

Note: It is perfectly possible for the promoter to cover the cost of the transaction fee in the resale price. So..if you want to display the price of the ticket s £10, we sell at £10 and account to you for £9.00. This method of pricing is obviously very popular with customers as they don't feel they've been misled by the advertising.

There’s more about Payment Transaction fees in our FAQ

How much does it cost to just buy tickets to sell elsewhere?
BTS is happy to print additional tickets for events. The cost is £15 per 100 but there is no minimum. We see it as a fast turnaround (24hrs) additional service for our clients. Unfortunately, the cost in staff time to design and print tickets means it is not viable to print tickets for events we are not an agent for and recommend using a professional print company like Kalamazoo if you want design approval etc. 

When do I get paid?
You get paid as soon as you have ‘completed the contract’. In English that means when the event takes place. For practical purposes (where there is no indication that the event might not go ahead) we will transfer payment on the day of the event.

Will you promote my event?
We advertise the show, instore, online (Website link is and in our free leaflet, we do not promote. Thankfully, that's your job.

How do I register?
Email .uk and we’ll send you your login details and info on adding events. You do not have to register. You can just send the event details and we’ll do it all for you but if you want to allow the sale of E-tickets and/or have access to email your customers then registration is a good idea.

How do I know the sales?
For a one off event it’s usually easiest to ring us (private line number will be sent to you when you add your first event) Most big promoters set their own requirements for sales reports. (you can view online sales online – at present these do not include over the counter sales)


Firstly, we need as much info as possible (preferably in text)

Show details / Acts / Short description for search results / Longer description for event page / Venue /Times / Prices / Dates / Any restrictions on dress or age etc.
Quantity allocated. (this can be adjusted up or down at any time)
A gif or jpeg of your logo if you have one.
A small image you would like to appear next to the event on the website.
Reg charity number if relevant

We normally aim for a profit margin of around 10% so a £5.00 ticket sells for £5.50 you get £5.00. We get 50p (most of this is absorbed by direct costs - Credit card charges, staffing etc)

This can be handled in two ways:
Generally the promotor advertises that the event price is £x (subject to transaction fee) We account to you for £x and retain the transaction fee.
 Alternatively you can have the fee incorporated into the advertised price. We sell at £x and account to you for £x minus the agreed fee.
There are no other costs to you. In the unlikely event of no sales, the service is free.

The tickets we sell for you cost nothing. We print in batches as needed and just need a 'maximum figure' from yourselves. This can be adjusted as they sell. i.e. if they're going better from other outlets.

For tickets we print for you to be sold elsewhere, we charge £20 per 100 tickets (no minimum - payable on collection) Because this is basically cost we only do this for shows we're selling as it's the print set-up that takes time.

This is another charge made to the customer (per package not per ticket)
It's difficult to advise without knowing the full nature of the event but while most Festival tickets cannot be replaced if they go missing en route, for smaller events it may be feasible.
The general rule on Festival tickets is to send them via Special Delivery (insured & signed for) However this is very expensive @ £6+.

We keep records of all tickets dispatched and would prefer to send tickets via standard delivery, however, tickets do occasionally go missing. It's only about one package in every 600 but it can happen and in that case we need to 'void' the originals and re-issue the customer with a lost in post form.

We send you or the venue a duplicate copy of the form that includes the original ticket numbers so you can ensure no one is allowed access with these ticket numbers.

 We defer to you if there is a question we can't answer and we aim to answer every query.

As agents we serve both you and the customer. Although the contract is between you and the customer and legal responsibility therefore lies with you to provide the 'goods' purchased, we have a moral responsibility to protect the customer.
 In the event of a cancellation you have the legal liability but we are perceived to be liable so we cannot release the cash or transfer the funds until we are 100% sure of the events viability. This is generally viewed as the day of the event. 
Even if we were prepared to disregard our moral responsibility, customers paying by credit card are protected & could retrieve their money directly from us via their bank.