Events at The Crown / The Crown Trap / The Cavern

Heavy metal's home in Bristol, if you've never been to a rock pub like this then at least go along for the novelty.
On any given day, the pub will be fairly evenly divided between goths, bikers, and gaggles of emo teenagers with violently coloured hair.
Definitely don't be intimidated. Everyone you'll find here will be far more polite and well mannered than most bars around the area and you may even pick up a few style tips for next time. 

The Cavern @ The Crown is an atmospheric Underground venue beneath The Crown Pub located in St. Nicholas Market, Bristol. The club has a good mixture of seating and a good sized dancefloor. Host to various alternative nights etc.


Address: 10 All Saints Lane Bristol, Avon BS1 1JH * Click on the address to launch google maps.
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