Events at The Alma Tavern Theatre

The Alma, Tavern & Theatre is a grand, traditional pub with the unique added attraction of its own intimate theatre. Situated in the heart of Clifton, The Alma is one of Bristol’s best known pubs and is popular with its locals as well as drawing regular crowds for food and Theatre shows.
The Theatre is renowned for its eclectic mix of productions from local and national theatre groups, and specialises in the production of new writing.
It is our belief that this fabulous building should be used to its fullest potential, as the arts are close to our hearts we felt there could be more to The Alma. Theatre, Art and Music……
Here at The Alma we want everyone to be involved. Being such an old building it is difficult to provide full disabled access but that’s not to say anyone should miss out on our wonderful Theatre. We are currently working on our ability to provide to all by screening matinee versions of our plays. This function will hopefully be coming soon, please call us or check the Theatre Listings to find out about availability.

Address: 18-20 Alma Vale Road, Clifton, * Click on the address to launch google maps.
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