Events at OFF GRID

One Planet Community Festival

 ‘Off Grid’ is a training camp, with four days of essential practical information on off grid living, learning skills and sharing ideas. Many individuals, families, groups, and organisations from the South of England will converge at Off Grid including experts in the fields of Permaculture, Off grid living, Eco building, Land and Food, Renewable Energy, Wellbeing and Community Enterprise. The main focus is to facilitate the growth of strong, co-supportive and resilient communities, through celebration and the art of sharing.

Behind the scenes, Off Grid is designed according to 10 One Planet Living principles inspired by Bioregional and WWF. As well as permaculture ethics and principles.

 Our intention is to encourage both local abundance and global sustainability through a   co-creative process of individual empowerment and capacity building for community   resilience.  Through working closely with associated enterprises in the new economy,   we hope to establish an open source model capable of inspiring a new generation of 100% participatory small festivals.

This year’s event will be held at Tapeley Park and Gardens in North Devon.

The aim is to collaborate to develop a festival where principles and activities can be established that clearly demonstrate Another World is Possible and offer another model of living.

In March and April 2016, we staged a crowdfund campaign that raised the funds to ensure the festival could happen. In doing so we have established a small but growing membership base. Our intention is that this membership will become an advisory and supportive body for our members, establishing a ‘Council’ that will act to ensure the long-term future of these projects.


Address: Tapeley Park, Christie Estates, Instow, North Devon * Click on the address to launch google maps.
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