LAVINIA BLACKWALL/SNAILS at Unitarian Hall Tue 2 April 2019 from Doors Open 8pm


Lavinia Blackwall

Lavinia Blackwall is well known for her previous work in Trembling Bells, who released seven albums, all met with critical acclaim. She has also worked as a performer and arranger with Nick Garrie, Kaleidoscope, Mike Heron and Bonnie Prince Billy.

Her new solo material is  a rich tapestry of lyrical melodies and beautifully arranged song smithery ably accompanied by the talents of Marco Rea (The Wellgreen, Euros Childs) and Jim McGoldrick (The Wellgreen) and Seb Jonsen (Helicon and The Tomorrow Syndicate)

Her new single ‘Waiting for Tomorrow’ is available for pre-order and her debut album is due for release in 2019.
Video for single:


SNAILS generate moments of suburban guitar pop reverie for lonely people walking to the shops. Formed after a friend's request to soundtrack a budget slasher involving a homicidal nun, their sound bears the influence of mavericks such as Basil Kirchin, Syd Barrett and Nico. Snails debut LP 'Safe in Silence' was released March 2017 on the Feral Child label. 

Mike & Solveig

Mike & Solveig's  music can be characterised as experimental folk:

They started out as a  duo in 2006, and are still busy playing and composing original songs  and instrumentals reminiscent of The Incredible String Band, Penguin  Cafe Orchestra, Moondog, Syd Barrett, Bert Jansch, Ivor  Cutler, Michael Hurley etc. They are both experienced musicians that have been part  of the Glasgow music scene for the last 17 years or so. Mike Hastings sings and plays guitar, banjo and strumstick, and Solveig Askvik  sings and plays the fiddle and glockenspiel. 

Mike is a full-time musician playing in a few different bands. His main band is the psychedelic rock band The Trembling Bells. He also plays in the band of Mike Heron, who is one of the founders of  The Incredible String Band. Solveig was previously also part of  this band, but in 2011 she moved back to Bergen in Norway. She now once again resides in Glasgow and keeps busy playing gigs and composing new tunes with Mike and other musicians both in Bergen and Glasgow. Mike has also played in  the bands of Scott Fagan, Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) and Peter Daltrey from Kaleidoscope (UK).  

In addition to an endless number of gigs in Glasgow, Mike & Solveig  have also played in Berlin, London, Newcastle, Brighton, Bristol,  Falmouth, Glastonbury, Edinburgh, Bergen, Oslo and so on.

Tickets: £10.00  

Address: Brunswick Square, BS2 8PE * Click on the address to launch google maps.