Contraband Circus - Counting Coins

CONTRABAND CIRCUS - COUNTING COINS at Blue Mountain Club Fri 8 February 2019 from 10pm - 6am


Counting Coins - at Contraband Circus!


Roll roll up! we’re back in town once again to bring you another night of Circus performances, Live bands and DJs all mixed into one!

So be expecting knees up ska, Ragga Jungle, Contortion, Hoop, Bassline, Hardtek, walkabout acts, Juggling, Balkan-tek and any other noises stuck in between! :) 

Now for some sad news… as some of you may of heard, Blue Mountain will be closing its doors in February... but, on the bright side we are glad that we have the chance to hold one more Contraband Circus here, and along with the help of the other events coming up at the start of the new year to give this venue the send off it deserves! 

We are also currently also looking into other suitable venues for our next event in September, so we'll keep you posted! :) 

Now for the Line up!

*Live Balkan Ska band*

Get ready to skank, pogo, mosh, jig, polka and maybe even waltz - like a hyperactive kid on Kia-Ora, the Counting Coins sound refuses to stay still, switching from Ska Punk to Gypsy to Hip Hop and back again several times in the same song.

SMILEY MAXX (Offmenut records)

*Balkan-tek / Hardcore
FigCake, a fucked up mix of grottyness, beats and bass, and balkan enfusion

*Ragga Jungle*
Phat tunes, rude bass & feet stomping beats! What more d'ya need??


OBLIN (Ringe Raja Records) 

*Breakcore / Balkan-tek*


----Abandoned Circus grounds----

OSH KOSH(Jigsore / Re-lick Records)

A-BEE (24hr Garage Girls)


WAMJAM (Third Nipple / LLTA)

TAI-TEK (Phaked) 
*Hardtek / Hardcore*

*Jungle / DnB*

EASY J (Bass militia)

Gajengi & Powello Bros
*Live Hip Hop / Fidget / Bassline / Balkan* 


Crawl into the parallel dimension of Slugtopia; a neon den-land hidden amidst the smoky plumes of the abandoned Contraband Circus grounds. From learnings of the Leopard Slug mating ritual, spiralling entities glow like beacons of unity amongst the blacklight. Breakcore to slugcore...ooze, gloop and fuse together as we connect through slimy, slug secretions, dissolve bodily inhibitions and take some sluggish relaxation time between the all the stomping.

Circus Fancy dress very encouraged! :)  
£8 Tickets / £10 On the door
Tickets: £9.00  

Blue Mountain is one Bristol’s best known clubs. Spread across two floors and a smoking terrace the blue mountain is a venue to get your teeth into. The Music is loud. The rooms are dark and the clubbers are sweaty. A proper down and dirty feel, this place is for people serious about their music and dancing. It feels like this  is where the memorable nights happen.
It has a full bar but the beverage of choice is cans of red stripe, drunk fast to stop them getting warm too quickly. If it does get too sweltering, the terrace is the perfect place to cool down and have a catch up on how your mate’s night is progressing because you will most likely lose them in the darkness. In total that 'darkness' holds about 600 people 
You won’t hear any pop music. Most nights you can expect to here Drum’n’bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop or Reggae booming from the side door. Probably not for the faint hearted and it is inadvisable to wear white trainers but pretty anything else goes.
Address: Blue Mountain, Stokes Croft, Bristol * Click on the address to launch google maps.