PATRICK DUFF at The Cube Microplex Sat 2 February 2019 from 7.30pm -11pm

Patrick Duff
To celebrate the release of Patrick's incredible new album, we present this very special 'one off' Bristol show.

I've made it man .. This is an album about leaving the past behind and arriving in a new place that hasn't fully materialised yet... like a cool white room in the centre of the sun...where you're casting your gaze backwards with enough space between you and the world to be able to see more clearly .... breathing in the fresh air .. now you're finally able to love where you came from .. all the people and places and the person who you used to be ... and knowing it's not where you are anymore .. You've cried all your tears and somehow they gave you clear sight. The love can flow back home now. You wrote these songs like a postcard because you're kind of missing them all and knowing at the same time you're never going back .. and you didn't even realise until you listened…. Realising that you've forgiven everyone and you've forgiven yourself and that the music has a warm vitality and gentleness as a result .. the songs are alive like somebody is whispering thank your in your ear .. there's nothing in particular to prove anymore ... You followed your heart to a lonely place .. you're in the bardo looking back on your life with a mother’s eyes... and with a smile you find yourself thinking .. Who's going to love me now ? 


Sealionwoman is Kitty Whitelaw and Tye McGivern – a musical partnership born from the cacophonous jazz-racket of Kitty and the Drowning Bag, a London-based power-trio featuring John Tillyer on drums. Their first incarnation fell dormant when Kitty ran off to join the circus in Singapore, but Kitty and Tye were reunited for a one-off performance in 2011. Galvanised by the response, they reformed, relocated to the city and spent seven years honing their utterly extraordinary sound, with live shows supporting artists as diverse as Tanya Tagaq and Bohren & der Club of Gore, before they were finally ready to commit five songs to vinyl for their debut album, Siren.

Tickets: £11.00  

Bristol has strong sense of social responsibility. From the protests rallied against Tesco, to the community boosting Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft. The Cube cinema is another excellent example. In 1998 a group of Artists who at the time ran “underground mobile cinema events” took it over and turned it into what it is today. It stands equally as both a cinema and an arts venue. Inside it has a raised stage and tiered seating, in the old theatre style, which can hold just over 100 people.

Driven by a strong set of ethics it refuses to serve Nescafe and even goes as far as to make its own brand of cola called (funnily enough) Cube Cola.

The cinematic screenings it puts on are always more interesting than what will be on at your local Odeon and it shows a lot of world cinema which we may never come across without it. The same goes for the live music events. The gigs are varied and include art and dance performances, live concerts, discussions and theatre.

Please note, The Cube Microplex is an independent cinema and requires membership to attend events, this will cost you just one pound on your first visit and lasts a life time. 

Address: The Cube Microplex, Kings Square, Bristol. * Click on the address to launch google maps.