Andy Hague sextet play Kind of Blue

ANDY HAGUE SEXTET PLAY KIND OF BLUE at WINSTON THEATRE at The Anson Rooms Sun 24 March 2019 from 1pm

Hear one of jazz’s most important works played live by a band of Bristol jazz greats! Stalwart Bristol trumpeter/composer Andy Hague leads a stellar cast of local legends through a complete track-by-track re-interpretation of the 1959 Miles Davis classic Kind Of Blue. This iconic work, one of the biggest selling jazz albums of all time, is 60 years old in 2019 but sounds as fresh today as it did on its release day. 

Tickets: £13.25   Hurry, only 4 of these left!

 Anson Rooms - Winston Theatre, named after former Chancellor Winston Churchill, is the University of Bristol Students' Union's flagship venue, and the home of Bristol student theatre since 1965.

Address: 105 Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol * Click on the address to launch google maps.