Bristol Festival of Literature - Writing Travel Fact and Travel Fiction.

BRISTOL FESTIVAL OF LITERATURE - WRITING TRAVEL FACT AND TRAVEL FICTION. at The Bristol Wing Mon 22 October 2018 from 6.30pm - 8.00

‘Everyone has been nearly everywhere’, wrote Jan Morris. This has provided a new challenge to the travel writer: how to find a new angle on a familiar destination? The answer lies with alternative travel writing.

Two alternative travel writers discuss their very different work. They talk about what they’ve written, how they write, their influences and what they’ve learnt.

Tom Sykes
Over the last nine years, British writer Tom Sykes has travelled extensively in the Philippines to write Realm of the Punisher, the first major travel book by a Westerner to explore Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency of the country.  Tom, to understand the Duterte phenomenon, attend crime sites, met with dissidents on government ‘death lists’ and interviewed friends and enemies of ‘The Punisher’ – as he’s known – in politics, the media, the arts and the third sector. Sykes witnesses anti-government demonstrations in the capital Manila and visits the provincial city of Davao, where Duterte began his draconian crusade against crime using police and vigilante death squads.

Mike Manson
Mike’s most recent novel Down in Demerara, (Tangent Books) features Felix Radstock, a man plucked from his humdrum job and dispatched to the forbidden rainforest of Guyana on a mysterious assignment. Set in 1999, Down in Demerarais a funny, charming and quirky tale of self-realisation through love, friendship and fear.

‘Wonderfully funny… I laughed aloud a lot.’ Fay Weldon

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