Baka Beyond 25th Anniversary Tour

BAKA BEYOND 25TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms Sat 27 October 2018 from 08:00 pm

Baka Beyond ~ The Original Afro-Celtic Dance band

2018 sees Baka Beyond celebrate their 25th anniversary as a band, ?recording, touring worldwide and collaborating with the Baka Pygmies of Cameroon. This milestone will be marked with a tour in the Autumn when they will be re-joined by their fantastic Breton fiddler Paddy Le Mercier. Musicians from 6 countries in the Celtic fringes of Europe and the West coast of Africa join together to play the most original live world fusion sound around.

The band take their influences from the ?B?aka P?ygmies, Celtic song and all types of dance music. Martin and Su from the band spend time every year with the baka in the rainforest; singing, playing, recording and learning their stories Forest Voices Tour

Everyone attending a Baka Beyond performance is guaranteed to have a deep, immersive experience and they invariably leave with a huge smile ! The current show involves footage of the baka pygmies playing instruments in the rainforest and this audio is mixed in with the live performance.

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(NB this isn't a print error, someone else has taken the bakabeyond name !)



?Baka Beyond 2018 Promo Video?

Baka Beyond 'Mousamana Colle' Live
Baka Beyond 'Ariel's Song' Live
Baka Beyond 'The Marriage of West with East' Live


Baka Beyond 'Nangatang' Live at Fairbridge Festival

Baka Beyond Interview & Acoustic Track on Life Matters, ABC Radio, Australia


Notes: Children welcome but must have a full price ticket
Tickets: £11.00  

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This Community Arts Centre has a rich history that has included productions by the great British composer Rutland Boughton and being home to the first Glastonbury Rural Arts Festival which featured such luminaries as George Bernard Shaw, Alice Buxton, Thomas Hardy, Isadora Duncan and D.H. Lawrence.

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