Bristol Bearfoot Tribe

BRISTOL BEARFOOT TRIBE at Purple Patch, Boiling Wells, St Wurburghs, Bristol Sat 30 June 2018 from 12:00 pm

The Bearfoot Tribe is Offering:

-Sub Solar Sound Control's Handmade Soundsystem:
-Psychedelic decor.
-High quality expressive music and DJ’s, Psy Dub, Neo Cumbian Medicine beats. (Music details and links below)
-Free Sauna.
-Free Yoga.
-Free Unity Workshop.
-Free Tea Ceremony.
-Organic Food.
-Cacao and Energy Balls.
-Alcohol free, conscious space.

Empaths, freaks, wizards, witches, alchemists, dancers, yogis, light workers, shadow dwellers, dream weavers, intelligence coders, lovers, friends and all experientially entwined (and unbound) humans of earth journey…

Welcome to the space.

Initiating and uniting the barefoot tribe… let us come together and celebrate the mystical magical now in a rhythmic splendor of choice cut high grade sounds resonating in the realms of medicine music, neo cumbian beats and psychedelic dub.
These sonic tonics of transcendence will be delivered into the space delicately yet deeply by the wonderous works of Sub Solar Sound Control’s hand built sound system.

The dancefloor will be dressed with tasteful and passionate psychedelia, holding a heart felt space to let the body unwind and flow, expressing the deepest shapes of your soul.

Join us at 12pm to start the day with an instructed ambient yoga session led by Nic, especially designed to tune the body into the flow of expressive dance.

In the day will be a unity workshop by Dominique Antonina, a practitioner of alternative therapies and workshop facilitation
designed to open our hearts, reconnect with ourselves and each other and unite the collective in playful seriousness.

Emily will be sharing tea ceremonies throughout the day, accompanied by lush live hang drum soundscapes by Lu Sea. Emily will be using ingredients she has foraged from local lands, sharing her wisdom of plants as medicine and the benefits of tea for wellness.

Open all day will be Jems hand built wood fired sauna on wheels to balance the high energy expressionism of the dance with stillness, bodily presence and toxin release. (Bring towels, swim wear.)

Organic yummies, cacao treats and energy balls will be for sale.

We will bring the space to a close with an all inclusive ‘get involved’ soundscape, bring instruments, drums and voices and fill the space with sound until it all dissolves and we walk away carrying this energy into our lives and the world.

This is an alcohol free, judgement free space. We are inviting an open hearted atmosphere, charged with curiosity and exploration of whatever is tickling your inspiration bones at this time of your life.
Dance, journey, love, laugh, cry, smile, embrace, giggle, play, whatever :)

Neo Cumbian: A modern evolution of the indigenous dance from Colombia, mixing with African and European flavours, re-whomped with electronic basslines and production.

Psy Dub: Encompassing the inner landscapes of the entirety of our beings, unimaginable soundscapes and textures, and influences from all over the world culminated in the pinnacle of music production.

Fly A Garlic

The reason this is an alcohol free event is to tune your focus to show up, connect with tribe, be present and aware in an open mind.

E-tickets available on Bristol Ticket Shop
Limited tickets available, what is not sold before will be available on the door.

Purple Patch, Boiling Wells, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9XY.

Saturday 30th of June, 12pm to 8pm.

Notes: Alcohol Free Space.
Tickets: £18.00  

Purple Patch, Boiling Wells, St Wurburghs, Bristol

Address: Purple Patch, Boiling Wells, St Wurburghs, Bristol, BS2 9XY * Click on the address to launch google maps.