Dutty Moonshine Big Band Album Launch Party

DUTTY MOONSHINE BIG BAND ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY at The Fleece Sat 14 October 2017 from 07:30 pm

Dutty Moonshine is the creation of Michael Rack – a long-established DJ and musician with a penchant for the seedy world of vaudeville and even seedier basslines. 

Described as the “Bastard child of Electro Swing”, Dutty Moonshine is anything but typical. Combining the classic sounds of the Swing Era with everything from Garage and Grime to Drum and Bass and Ghetto Funk, Dutty Moonshine creates a unique sound which is as relentless as it infectious. 

This can be experienced nowhere more keenly than at live performances, which are characterised by their wild and raucous energy and expertly tied together by Michael’s charismatic hosting skills and mischievous personality.

2015 saw the birth of the Dutty Moonshine Big Band, a 13 strong live act comprising an 8-piece brass section, live drums and piano, as well as the vocal talents of Hypeman Sage and Maria Laveau. A long term dream that has finally come to fruition, the Big Band oozes the smokey atmosphere of a 1930’s Speakeasy, brought crashing into the 21st Century with an array of gritty synths and bass. In this short time, the Big Band have played an enviable list of festivals and shows, including landmark sets at Glastonbury, Boomtown and Shambala to name a few.

Although still making appearances as a solo artist, the Big Band is now the focus for Dutty Moonshine as it continues to grow and evolve. With an album on the way and a multitude of high profile shows in the pipeline, the future is indeed shining bright for the purveyors of this hi-octane, genre-defying and eminently enjoyable music.

Notes: All ages (under 16s must be with an adult)
Tickets: £14.50  


The Fleece, 12 St Thomas St, Bristol, BS1 6JJ.

Unless otherwise stated this is an all ages venue (under 16s must be accompanied by a adult)

Since The Blue Aeroplanes acquired The Fleece in May 2010 it has been rescued from eternal damnation as a "once great" and turned into "one of the best venues in the UK"

Relaxed atmosphere, a massive bar that is never more than 2 deep and an outside smoking/drinking/chatting area. Towns with huge arenas and stadiums would probably kill to have a venue like the Fleece in their midst.

There was a time when we'd have said the days of seeing a big band in such a small venue are gone but the hard work put in by the Aeroplanes coupled with the prestige that surrounds The Fleece means that those days are well and truly back.

A massive refurbishment at the start of 2013 means the venue can now claim to have "luxurious" toilets (at least in live music venue terms!)

With the demolition of the main entrance lobby and the installation of larger toilets the capacity has now increased from 330 to 450.
Despite being a national touring circuit venue, The Fleece regularly books local bands. If you'd like a gig email gigs@thefleece.co.uk for more details.

It is possible to buy E-Tickets for this event. This means they will not be posted to you. Instead, you just log in to your account, find the event in your orders. Click "View" and print the 'ticket' on an A4. You will need a printer connected to your computer as you MUST produce this on arrival at The Fleece, where it will be scanned or matched to the Box Office list

Unless otherwise stated Door time is 7.30pm


Address: 12 St Thomas St, Bristol * Click on the address to launch google maps.