AIRBUS at The Bierkeller Sat 18 November 2017 from 7.30

It is perhaps no surprise that Airbus would someday resurface with their unusually remarkable tenacity. Since their triumphant activity in the 90's winning HTV's 'First Cut' Battle of the Bands, collaborating with successful peers 'Portishead' and signing to publishing

giants BMG, the band had enjoyed a successful and fulfilling decade making music; this prodigious Bristol gang of four have been whiled away in the studio recapitulating their unique sound.


The band formed at Gordano School, Portishead in 1988 when singer/songwriter Nick Davidge invited guitarist James Childs to jam during lunch breaks. Fueled by a mutual interest in hard rock music, the two began trading riffs and writing songs. 'It became clear right away that we had something worthwhile' says James. 'Nick and I just clicked and we knew exactly what we wanted to do.'


Nick and James were soon joined by drummer Christopher Fielden, who provided a solid AC/DC/Thin Lizzy style of playing and bassist Simon Hedges who would contribute his heavy "Steve Harris" modus. 'Simon, Chris and I had already been making musical monologues for fun' recalls Nick, 'so when we all came together to form a band, the Airbus identity was complete and primed to define the band's unique sound'.


Excited as they were with each composition they wrote, the band constantly pushed themselves to improve on their writing and sound. By 1993 they had released 3 albums, including a single in the wake of their television success. 'Well worth waiting for' said Ed Furniss, 'The screaming rocker "Same Time Everyday" must beat anything released by a British rock band this year!'. 'Choruses that come crashing in like the sound of God' said Bristol's Venue magazine.


Although appreciative of their successes in Bristol and the UK, Airbus expanded their sites to include America so decided to up anchor and explore new opportunity there. There they worked with several producers, most notably Richard Dashut, who produced Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumors'.


"What it comes down to for us,' remarks James, 'Is that we have always believed in what we do and we knew that our music would stand the test of time because

there is nobody else that sounds like Airbus'.

Notes: 14+
Tickets: £11.00  

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